Java 8 Notes

  • Since 8.12.0 artifacts for Java 8 are not published to Maven-Central anymore, according to Bucket4j backward compatibility policies. Obviously, it bad news for all who get stuck on Java 8 by different reasons.

  • Bucket4j maintainer understand your pain and provides builds on the paid basis.

  • This will cost some money, is about 50$.

How to get the builds for Java 8

Builds for Java 8 are provided as compiled Maven artifacts that packaged into ZIP archive. ZIP archives with Maven artifacts are distributed through private Telegram channel. After downloading ZIP, you can install Maven artifacts into your local maven repo, or deploy to your company repository like Artifactory or Nexus, or just add directly to your project as system dependency.

In order to join to Bucket4j channel you need to buy one of subscription by links bellow

If Telegram does not work for you

Telegram Wallet works well in mostly countries and supports the both credit cards and USDT cryptocurrency, but if by some reason you are unable to pay via Telegram Wallet then mail to we will fine something special for you.